Davenport Case Study

This davenport had suffered heavily from sun damage and as a result the polish work had perished.

Davenport Restoration and Conservation

There were a number of pieces of the burr walnut veneer that had lifted and over time were lost. The mechanism to the rising stationary compartment did not rise. The perished polish was removed, the missing pieces of veneer were replaced with carefully chosen matching burr. The whole piece was re-polished to bring back its original character. The mechanism was reinstated by repairing its internal sash cord and repairing the worn runners this was a delicate procedure that required significant patience as access to the mechanism was limited. This really is a great example of how a piece of furniture can be totally transformed with the necessary skill and attention to detail from the colouring to making sure the burr pattern matches through the replaced veneer.

Client Testimonial

Many thanks for carrying out a really good job, it looks really fantastic!

Mr T, Dorchester