17th Century Settle Case Study

This settle believed to be from the early 17th century needed a lot of conservation.

17th Century Settle Conservation

There was also a number of parts which had been badly replaced over the years which required remaking. I made all the new parts using carefully selected oak wood of a similar age and character to the original. The arm is an example of a new part I made using this process. (left hand arm is new)

Client Testimonial

We spotted an early 18th Century Settle in an antique shop in Dorset; it was a great find, but sadly it had been neglected over the past 300 years. One arm had been unsympathetically replaced during its life, but Paul worked his magic on it, crafting a new arm from his stock of old, seasoned wood and skilfully restored it to its former glory.

The transformation was unbelievable. Paul even delivered the settle to our son's home in Hampshire. Thank you Paul for a wonderful job.